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DOCS wants to foster collaboration among its members, not only to share best practices, but to stimulate new scholarly work.  Here is are some tips on how to get involved.

Posting a project:  Active DOCS members can post a formal outline of a project they have initiated, or anticipate beginning, for which they would appreciate collaboration from one or more other DOCS members from other institutions.  The best way to do so is to reach out to other DOCS members through our listserv.  When posting project ideas, please include the following:

  • Tentative title of the project

  • Description of the project (i.e., hypotheses, methods,  tentative timeline, etc.)

  • What is being sought, in terms of collaboration and collaborators

  • Your contact information, so that those interested can connect with you

Joining a project: Conversely, DOCS members can reach out to others in DOCS who have initiated projects of particular interest to them (or who plan to do so), for which they might want to join as collaborators.  Watch for posts to the DOCS listserv, or consider reaching out to the Special Interest Group leaders to learn more about their active scholarship projects.​

Acknowledging DOCS:  Please note that scholarly products that are developed by surveying DOCS members and/or through collaborations fostered by DOCS should include a formal acknowledgement of the DOCS organization (see Policy on Acknowledging DOCS in Scholarly Work).

Surveys of DOCS membership:  Also note that DOCS has an official DOCS Survey Vetting and Approval Policy.  Please do NOT post surveys to the DOCS Listserv without first going through the Survey Vetting and Approval process.

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