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DOCS 2023 Membership Survey

Dear DOCS members, 

Thank you for providing the following information so we can better understand you and serve your needs. A better understanding of DOCS members’ demographic characteristics will also allow us to attend to our commitment to diversity and inclusion. You may skip questions you do not feel comfortable answering. Unless otherwise indicated, we will list member names, institutions and email addresses on our “Members Only” page and will note those members who have reported an openness to writing letters for promotion for DOCS members. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH A THIRD PARTY. We appreciate your time and effort. 

What are your personal pronouns?
Please select all degrees that apply, if any:
Academic rank
What is your title/professional role? (can select more than one)
What is your clinical specialty?
What is your age?
How many years have you been involved in clinical skill education? Choose one:
Are you the first in your family to attain a higher education degree?
Please describe your gender identity (please select all that apply):
What is your racial and/or ethnic background (Select all that apply):
What best describes your sexual orientation?
What describes your working environment?
Please specify your clinical skills academic interests (please choose all that apply):
Please select the DOCS working/special interest groups and/or committees that you are interested in joining:
Are you willing to consider writing a promotions letter for an active member of the DOCS community?
DOCS hosts a volunteer career and/or research mentoring program. We expect a one year commitment. Are you interested in participating as a mentor or as a mentee?
Thanks for submitting!
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