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DOCS Committees

The Executive Council has several standing committees to assist it in its work. These include:​

  • Membership & Mentorship Committee

Serving on the Mentoring and Membership committee is a great way to get to know amazing DOCS members across the country and beyond.  Helping members connect, collaborate, and grow through professional relationships is central to this committee.  Creating and maintaining accurate member lists and contact information is key.  We enthusiastically invite members to join us in creating more efficient processes and to further develop ways in which we can serve this organization!

  • Nominating Committee

The Nominating committee is responsible for soliciting applications from the DOCS membership to run for elected office.  The committee members review the applications to confirm that those who submit applications meet DOCS bylaws qualification criteria.  The Nominating Committee is made up of two members of the Executive Council (the Nominating Committee Chair and the President-Elect or Past-President) and three volunteers from the DOCS membership.  Being on the committee is a nice way to get to know DOCS members from across the US.  If you are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee, please email Lisa Auerbach.

  • Program and Planning Committee

The DOCS Program Planning Committee always has opportunities for new members to join and contribute to planning and delivery of both the program offerings that occur distributed throughout the year and the annual meeting.  Key five-year strategic priorities for this group are to offer synchronous program opportunities for idea exchange among members in all areas of clinical skills education but particularly including programs that help members disseminate clinical skills educational scholarship, equip students with skills in caring for diverse patient populations, create inclusive clinical skills learning environments, and mitigate bias in clinical skills assessment.  This is a busy committee that meets monthly throughout the year; members of this committee can commit as much or little time and energy as they have available.

  • Research Committee

The DOCS Research Committee is open to all DOCS members who have an interest in reviewing current medical education literature (the Journal Watch group) or participating in collaborative research projects with other DOCS members.  The Research Committee currently has 2 ongoing projects:  1.  The DOCS national survey on Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS), and 2. Journal Watch, which is a monthly review of current medical education literature that is available on the DOCS website for members.  While the CIS survey is complete and in the data analysis phase, the Research Committee is interested in developing projects designed at making research collaboration among DOCS members easier to achieve.

  • Technology & Networking Committee

The Technology & Networking Committee’s strategic plan priorities include establishing a networking platform to support DOCS member collaboration and metrics of platform activity and developing an external social media presence.  This committee is also developing a survey for DOCS members on learning technologies used to implement instructional activities in clinical skills courses and curricula.  We invite new members to join our committee in these efforts.

  • Interest Group Committee

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