DOCS has over 250 members. When you become a DOCS member, you help yourself as a clinician- educator and leader, while helping to advance the field of clinical skills education.

The benefits of membership in DOCS are many, including:

  • The ability to network with clinical skills colleagues around the country

  • The right to participate as a workshop leader in our national conference

  • The right to vote, run for elected office, and serve on active committees

  • Access to our mentee-mentor program

  • Access to the Members Only part of the DOCS website

  • The ability to collaborate on research projects

  • Access to the monthly DOCS journal watch of clinical skills articles

  • Access to educational resources from DOCS Annual Meetings

Becoming a member

Membership is attained by registering for one of the last 3 annual DOCS meetings, where membership dues of $50 per meeting is levied.

Persons may want to become  members who a) who cannot attend such an annual meeting, or b) want to become a members prior to the next meeting, or have questions about whether or not they meet membership criteria. Such persons should email Susan DiGiovanni, Chair of the DOCS Membership Committee, who can arrange for payment of the membership fee and the conferring of membership privileges.


Please note:  you must be listed as an official DOCS member before your access to the members-only portion of the webpage can be approved. 

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