The purpose of Special Interest Groups (previously called Scholarship Working Groups) is to connect active DOCS members who have common interests and provide for them a semi-structured environment to facilitate scholarly projects.  The hope is that these groups will gradually build expertise in their area of interest and become a resource for DOCS, its members, and the general medical education community at large.

A SIG can form in one of several ways, including: 

  1. From a call from the DOCS Executive Council or one of its standing committees

  2. From a group of collaborators facilitating a workshop at an annual meeting

  3. From a request to form such a group from an active DOCS member

  4. In response to a vibrant listserv discussion

The DOCS Executive Council must approve all official Special Interest Groups.

Previous and/or current SIGs have centered around:

  • Clinical Reasoning*

  • Clinical Skills Remediation*

  • Clinical Skills Coaching*

  • OSCE Note Grading Rubrics*

  • Assessment in Clinical Skills*

  • Faculty Development

  • Innovative Instructional Design

  • Patient Encounter Notes

*Currently active

If you have any questions about SIGs or are interested in joining one as an active member, email the DOCS Executive Council.