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DOCS is committed to facilitating mentor-mentee groups between members with decades of experience teaching, administering, remediating, and troubleshooting with new and younger members with only a few years of directing clinical skills courses under their belts.


DOCS believes that each one of us has much to offer one another, and thus many of these mentor-mentee relationships are two-way streets where both mentee and mentor gain insight and wisdom as they transparently share professional life together.

The mentoring program is overseen by the DOCS Membership & Mentorship Committee.  For more information about this program, contact the Committee Co-Chairs, Janice John and Sheira Schlair.

Being part of our mentor-mentee program requires an active DOCS membership.  If you are a DOCS member, see the Members section of the website for further details.  If you are not, however, please join us and become a member

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